The Trailblazer is a prototype for a product/service aimed at tourists who find it impossible to spend their holidays abroad without going for a run. It is a wearable designed for running in unfamiliar territory. Six vibration motors are integrated in the garment – these are linked to a GPS module that helps you to find your way. Instead of messing around with a paper map or a GPS smartphone app, you simply wear the Trailblazer and let it guide you along your chosen track.


This project is the result of an IAAC & ESDI research studio organized by Oscar Tomico and Marina Castán.

Project team: Gemma Vila, Bert Balcaen, Rafael Vargas Correa, Martin Lukac.
Photo credits: Bert Balcaen, Rafael Vargas Correa, Martin Lukac.
Video credits: Rafael Vargas Correa.


We documented this 3-week project extensively on the IAAC site: