Record sleeve design for Ruisbestuiving 1 LP

Ruisbestuiving (a word play on noise and crossover) is a Belgian radio show where two bands have just one day of time to compose a song together. The Ruisbestuiving 1 LP was released in 400 copies, and 100 people were asked to do a sleeve design.

For me, Ruisbestuiving 1 was an excuse to play around with Perlin noise (= ruis). This is an algorithm by Ken Perlin, originally developed in 1982 for the movie Tron. Perlin noise generates a harmonic series of random numbers. I translated these numbers into curves that converge to form the title of the album.

Thanks to Eline and Ingrid for helping me out with the printing.

Final result, front side:

And the back side, which I decided to keep simple, as a nice contrast with the front:

Processing & Perlin noise. Printed on vinyl.