Using OpenNI 2.2 Beta on OS X

Here’s how I go the samples working. First install OpenNI itself:

  1. Download OpenNI 2.2 Beta for OS X.
  2. Run sudo ./ You will not see any output. This is normal.

Next you’ll need a driver for the Kinect:

  1. Clone the OpenNI2-FreenectDriver repo.
  2. Run ./waf configure build. You should now have a build directory with libFreenectDriver.dylib in it.
  3. Copy that file into Redist/OpenNI2/Drivers/. If you want to try the samples then also copy the file into Samples/Bin/OpenNI2/Drivers.

To run an example:

  1. cd Samples/Bin
  2. ./ClosestPointViewer

To use the OpenNI in an XCode project, for example in combination with openFrameworks:

  1. Create a new project. (Use the project generator if you are working with oF.)
  2. Click the name of the project in the left sidebar and make sure ‘Project’ is selected in the main panel.
  3. Look for the setting ‘Header Search Paths’ and click to edit. Click the plus sign and add the path to ‘Include’ directory from OpenNI. For example, I installed OpenNI in /Applications/OpenNI-MacOSX-x64-2.2, so my path is /Applications/OpenNI-MacOSX-x64-2.2/Include.
  4. Next, copy libOpenNI2.dylib from the OpenNI Redist folder to the folder that will contain your binary (the compiled version of your project). If you are working with oF then this is the bin folder inside your project.
  5. Finally, add #include "OpenNI.h" add the start of your code. (In oF: this would be in testApp.h.)

2 thoughts on “Using OpenNI 2.2 Beta on OS X

  1. Hello.
    I am trying to set up xtion pro live for development on mac OS X 10.9.2
    I have downloaded the OpenNI 2.2 beta and installed it by running the shell script but I don’t have the driver for xtion pro live and it seems that asus officially doesn’t support mac osx. Can you suggest alternative for getting xtion pro live to work with mac osx?

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